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Jianxin rubber (Fujian) Co., Ltd

Main Products: Tires/Tubes

/ Company Profile

JIANXIN RUBBER (FUJIAN) CO.,LTD., founded in 1989 , it’s a family business ,it is located in the beautiful hometown of overseas Chinese ---Jinjiang city near from Xiamen Port. The workshop covers an area of 80,000M3. After more than 20 years of development and expansion, JIANXIN has developed into a comprehensive and professional rubber production base integrated R&D, production and sales. We specialize in a variety of products including low temperature precured tread rubber, cushion gum, low temperature precured inner tube and flap, NR and butyl inner tube, as well as inner & outer tube for motorcycle, electric motorcycle and bicycle with full specification.

JIANXIN has built up an all-round and modern management pattern, also has powerful technology force, advanced production process, strict testing ways as well as a complete and perfect quality assurance system. To enhance its technology strength, JIANXIN has introduce the most advanced production technology, production process and equipment from abroad. In 2006, JIANXIN made a heavy investment and introduced the 270 liter and 370 liter large-scale mixing equipment, and established itself as the advanced international auto control mixing center. Moreover, by drawing lessons and experience from domestic and overseas counterparts, JIANXIN has set up a sound quality assurance system and passed ISO9001:2015. All these advanced equipment and the reliable management have come to guarantee the high quality of its products, to the level that the low temperature precured tread manufactured by JIANXIN could basically achieve the quality of new tires in terms of long mileage.

Since its establishment, JIANXIN has been practising the principle of “ Satisfy Customer by Supreme Quality” and has been favorable commented by its customers, which has helped to establish a good corporate image, and the comprehensive strength of the enterprise is gradually strengthened, as well as the market share rises continuously.



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